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Before becoming a big name in the internet marketing world, John Thornhill dropped out of school at 16, spent a dozen years doing unskilled manual labour jobs and then moved on to working for 10 years at a car manufacturing plant.

After getting his first PC with internet in 1999, John soon started making money with Ebay, selling phone equipment and ebooks. He soon discovered that he had created a foolproof system that pretty much nobody else was using! At that point he was already earning a healthy 4-figure monthly income.

However, the way to get there was difficult. It took him 5 years reading useless systems and courses before he had success! Most of what he studied either didn’t work, took too much time/effort/budget or was a plain scam.

When he finally was successful with Ebay, he wanted to show others how to follow in his footsteps. Keeping in mind the disappointment he felt from most of the other internet marketing courses, he decided to do it better, more structured, foolproof. His first membership site was a roaring success and from then on everything went upwards for John.

In the following years, having founded one successful internet marketing business after the other, he created a membership site and coaching program to share his success with the world and enable others to follow in his steps. Having moved on from Ebay to more powerful methods like product creation, traffic generation, JV and affiliate promotions and some secret methods that are truly underground, he finally relaunched one of his most successful coaching programs.portrait

Partnership To Success has been completely updated, refined and is $3000 cheaper than the original (yes, that cost $5000 a few years ago!)

And best of all, due to John’s strong experience with coaching others, his new program comes with a 100% success guarantee – that’s right. If you follow the simple steps that John shares with you weekly in your membership dashboard, you are guaranteed to be successful.

Interested to learn more? Read my partnership to success review for more details. There I’ll also show you a walkthrough of his membership area and a testimonial of one of John’s previous students who proves that the stuff John teaches plain works.

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Partnership To Success Review and Bonus

UPDATE (7th of Feb 2014):

Partnership To Success  HAS CLOSED.

HOWEVER, John decided to hold a last-minute webinar today to give people a last chance to get on board before his program closes for good.

In order to sweeten the deal even more, I have decided to offer you a $500 CASH REBATE (on top of all my other bonuses) if you act now and buy through my link!

For further details, please look at my partnership to success bonus (#7).


Dear Reader,

Congratulations, you’ve just found one of the very few but unique “Partnership To Success” reviews out there.

Most affiliates just copy + paste and want to turn a quick buck on you. I have actually dealt with John Thornhill first hand and can tell you about some really interesting things, plus give a deeper insight into his product that a copy + paste affiliate couldn’t.

I recommend you read this page from top to bottom.

I know it’s a wall of text (in fact it’s almost 5000 words!) but if you even slightly consider becoming part of “Partnership To Success”, you should look at every detail because after all, it’s quite a substantial investment.

Table Of Contents:

1. My Story
2. My Review
3. My Bonus
4. Important: how to sign up
5. FAQ


1. My Story

Yes, that on the right is me. My name is Jason Bender and you have never heard of me.partnership to success review + bonus

There are 2 types of marketers: those that want to attain a “guru” status and plaster their picture all over their websites and the internet…and those who don’t.

Those who don’t want to reveal their niche or what they’re doing and try to keep their stuff under the radar as much as possible.

I belong to that 2nd group.

However, on very rare occasions, I actually come forward. After several years, the re-launch of John Thornhill’s “Partnership To Success” program is such an occasion.

I’m one of his students, after all.

With that out of the way, let me tell you how I met John.

It was late summer in 2010 when I saw him for the first time at a trading conference in Dallas. It was my first ever conference and I was basically just “checking it out”.

I was pretty much broke but wanted to try out some offline methods that I picked up from some WSO’s (“warrior special offer” – courses from the Warriorforum).

My plan, in short, was basically to walk up to people and offer them SEO and web design services. Very special, I know.

Introducing: John

Sooner or later, I hit on John. I never heard of him before so for me, he was just one of many potential “leads” there.

john-thornhill-portraitWe got into a short conversation and soon I realized I was talking to an experienced marketer who neither needed SEO or web design services done.

In fact it was me who needed help because back then, in 2010, it had already been 2 years since I started with internet marketing.

Despite that, I was still unexperienced. Planless. Stumbling from one method to another, always giving up either too early or clinging to stuff that would never work.

It quickly became clear during my conversation with John that he actually had a plan and it had worked for him and many of his students over and over again.

I told him about my financial situation and he was kind enough to offer me a customized payment plan. I signed up for his coaching and looking back, I’m so glad I made this decision that day.

It literally turned my life around but more on that later.

John’s Students

During the rest of the evening on that conference, I was lucky enough to find and talk to 2 previous students of John.

partnership to success bonus + reviewOne of them was Omar Martin, an energetic and congenial guy from Florida. He actually had just become a fulltime internet marketer, thanks to John.

Running a home based business together with his wife he had crossed the 6 figure mark at that time and the rest of the year looked promising, too.

His story was similar to mine in that he fell for a lot of online scams, cheap products and stuff that didn’t work until he hit the “reset” button, got himself a coach and…the rest is history.

The other student was more of an “underground” guy hence I’m not mentioning his name here. He didn’t want to put himself out there or put his face and name all over his site and the internet. Just like me :)

Luckily, that kind of personal branding wasn’t necessary for him to be successful. He was banking a nice mid 6 figure income each and every year as an affiliate in the relationship and dating niche. All thanks to the help of John Thornhill.

Back then, all these conversations really motivated me to turn my life around, focus on all the training and finally stick to something and listen to somebody who knew better than me.

My Journey To Become Financially Free

The next day I got on my computer and sure enough, I already had the first lesson in my inbox. I never was much of a techie but luckily, I didn’t have to in order to succeed with John’s program. Everything was laid out in an easy to follow step-by-step fashion.

Fast forward 4 weeks, I already built out a strong social presence, outsourced some quality content for cheap and was starting to generate a low but steady adsense income every day.

Some days I’d make $10, others it would only be $2 but compared to my previous failures in internet marketing, this looked promising and motivated me to keep pushing further.

Another 2 months later, my income had grown to around $1000/m, plus I was starting to build a list and almost had my first product finished.

About To Give Up?

While all of this sounds pretty positive, it wasn’t always that easy. During my journey I encountered a lot of problems, had a ton of questions and sometimes felt like giving up. Fortunately, with John and all of his students at my side, I never was alone.

Whenever I experienced a “down” moment or something appeared like it wasn’t working, I could just go to John or some of the more advanced students in our community and there always was an answer and a helping hand.


The support really was second to none and I’m pretty sure if John’s coaching would just have been a bunch of ebooks and videos, I would have never made it to the end…

The End

Finally, in late 2011 I “made it”. I quit my job and started working full time on my business. I’m now working from the comfort of my home.

beach-houseMy wife, Anna, is finally liberated from her boring day job and handles all my support and outsource work. She loves it! :D

Our relationship has improved as well since we can spend so much more time together now. And not having to turn around every cent has helped big time, too….

Anyway, here I’ll end my story. I could go on about how much money I ended up making in 2011 and beyond thanks to all the things I learnt in John’s program but I really don’t want to brag or be a jerk.

I still remember very well what it was like to live on the edge.

Instead, let’s finally dive into my review of John Thornhill’s 2014 version of “Partnership To Success”!


2. My “Partnership To Success” Review

If you’ve read this far, I’m sure you’ve already picked up some things about John Thornhill in the story I shared above.

If you skipped my story and only want to read the review, that’s perfectly fine, too. I’ll give you the inside scoop below of what you can expect when signing up, what you need to be prepared for and what’s special about John’s program.

With that being said, let’s dive right in.

What you should know first is that John’s “Partnership To Success” coaching is unlike any other internet marketing course you ever purchased. I know that sounds lame and if you’ve been around the Warriorforum special offers section for a while, claims like this seem to be nothing special.

Believe me, this time it’s completely different.

Let’s kick this review off with a real testimonial from one of John’s former students, Omar Martin. Yep, the guy I met back then at that conference.

Below you’ll see what you can expect when becoming a student of John:

A Success Guarantee?

First of all, “Partnership To Success” comes with a 100% success guarantee.

That’s right. John says if you finish his coaching program, he can guarantee, 100%, that you will be successful, that you will make money online and that your days of struggling to find a system that works…will be over.

Or your money back.

Have you ever purchased a “make money online” course before that makes such a promise? I’m sure you haven’t and if you did it was probably a scam.

Most courses offer the usual money-back guarantee (just like John does, 60 days by the way) but none of them guarantee a 100% success rate upon finishing the course.

Whitelisted and Clickbank Endorsed

Next, John’s coaching program is…private.

Let me explain.

If you were to go to the Clickbank Marketplace right now and searched for John’s product, you wouldn’t find it.

The reason is that Clickbank has whitelisted John’s program. That’s right, Clickbank has whitelisted AND endorsed John’s program because they believe it is that good!

Whitelisted programs receive a special treatment – they are not open to the public and are usually passed from one person to another under the radar.

This sounds harsh and evil but you could say, with a few exceptions, that the crap is in the public Clickbank Marketplace and the good stuff that actually works has been whitelisted and taken off the shelves.

Also, they have promoted John’s product a couple of times in the official Clickbank newsletter because his coaching is simply one of the best you can find when it comes to internet marketing training.

And that’s the only reason he got into the newsletter several times in the first place.

Internet Marketing – Refund Rates

In the past few years, when internet marketing launches were really popular, you pretty much had a new product promotion in your inbox every single day. Most of the time, these products were created with profit as the first priority and quality 2nd.

Soon enough, customers started to get tired of all the bullsh*t and it became a regularity that people purchased, looked through the product and with big disappointment filed a refund ticket right away.

Refund rates of 15% or more at that time were very, very common.

Also, there was a trend: the more expensive a product, the higher the refund rate.

What about John’s products? He definitely launched a good number of products throughout the years…and his most expensive one priced at $5000 in the past…what refund rate did it have?

3%. Yes, you read that right.

Fun Fact: He didn’t even offer a 100% success guarantee back then!

Enough said.

What do I get when signing up?

Finally, we’re coming to the features of “Partnership To Success”.

The following will probably be similar to what you’ve seen from many other reviews already but in case you haven’t, here it goes:

1. Lots of great content: This is a full-blown coaching program that shows you everything you need to know, from A-Z, about how to build a successful online business.

Absolutely nothing is left out. There simply is no other course out there that is more comprehensive than John’s.

If you ever played with the thought of getting yourself a coach, having someone that holds your hand through this daunting process of building a real business…now is the time to get serious.

2. Effective learning experience: You get weekly step-by-step training, delivered in multi-media format (videos, webinars, pdfs). This makes for easy learning and no matter if you’re a visual or auditive learner, John has you covered.

Also, the training is released in bite-sized chunks as to not overload you with too much information. Trust me, John has coached many people and knows how to craft a learning curve that everyone can succeed at.

In fact, that’s one of the many reasons he is now able to offer a 100% success guarantee.

3. Everything is up to date: John regularly hosts live weekly webinars, for 2 reasons: One, to keep all his training 100% up to date and show you what is working NOW. And two, so you can ask questions live and get the answers right then and there.

4. Impressive level of support: Of course, the weekly webinars aren’t the only way to get answers to your questions.

Whenever you run into a problem, you can always email John, call his office, use the live chat, go to the Facebook group, ask in the Forum, use the help desk support system or even schedule a custom consultation with him.

5. A powerful community: Partnership To Success doesn’t keep you in isolation because that’s just bad for effective learning. Instead, there is a whole community with it’s own forum.

Learn from others that have been where you are now, interact with like-minded individuals, form powerful partnerships and build masterminds to keep yourself motivated and on track!

6. Free access to all of John’s products: That’s right, every product John released in the past 8 years…you get access to for free.

And if that wasn’t enough, you also get access to all the products his students released as well as products John and his partners are selling right now.

This is a $2000 value all on it’s own!

7. More bonus content: Want to listen to live recordings of John’s coaching consultations with former students that have become very successful business owners now?

Want to access Webinars and training material from the last 3 years of “Partnership To Success”?

It’s all there waiting for you.

8. An exclusive and invaluable benefit: This one is last, but absolutely not least.

After you have created your first product with the help of John’s training (trust me, it’s easy once you see how he does it) – he will schedule a launch for you.

On launch day, John himself and all of his students will promote your product!

They will email their list of current subscribers, they will get more affiliates on board and John will ensure that whatever it is you’re selling that day will make you huge amounts of money and be the ultimate success.

With John’s help, every launch is a success, trust me on that!

Members Area Walkthrough

Below is a video walkthrough from the official “Partnership To Success” members area. This is what you’re going to see after you signed up.

The walkthrough is done by John himself, have fun with his slightly awkward British accent :) :

The Course Content

This is what you’re going to learn:

  • How to create a professional blog & social media presence, a highly converting list of email subscribers and how to earn affiliate sales/adsense checks from them within 6-8 weeks.
    This will forum the basis of your online career.
  • How to easily create a product that sells and brings in passive revenue for a long time – from ebooks, videos, audios to big ticket home study courses.
  • How to create a proven sales funnel for maximum conversions – the same one that’s being used by professional marketers to pull in 6 figures a year, easily.
  • How to create a sales page that converts like crazy – part of building a long-lasting and passive income stream. Make money while you sleep!
  • How to combine everything you’ve done so far into a membership site and guarantee another strong recurring and passive income stream that grows and grows over time.
  • How to recruit “big” affiliates to promote your product, push your profit through the roof and enable you to become a full-time internet marketer working from home.
  • How to drive highly targeted and converting traffic through multiple channels to your launch, your membership site, your blog and your product.
  • SPECIAL: After you finished his coaching, John will create and schedule a launch for your product. All of his students and affiliates (around 2000!) AND John himself will promote it.

    John will email his list of affiliates, all subscribers from his previous products (200.000!) and he will feature your launch in all the groups and membership sites he ever created.

    He has done this dozens of times before with his students and everytime, without fail, the launch became a success.

The Positive

Well, pretty much everything you read above.

Be it phenomenal content, incredible support, a strong community, guaranteed launch partners for your future product or the 100% success guarantee, John Thornhill’s “Partnership To Success” Program is one of the most well-rounded internet marketing packages you could ever get your hands on.

Also, it doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started with internet marketing and have never set up your own website before. John will take you from absolute beginner to complete pro, guaranteed.

His program is suited towards both complete beginners as well as seasoned pros.

The Negative

As with all things, nothing is perfect. The same goes for John’s product.

It would be great if at that price, you could just push a few buttons and make a fulltime income without a lot of work or without having to learn anything new.

However, you and I know that something like that doesn’t exist.

In order to get the most out of John’s program, you have to stick to it.

You have to ask yourself: “Can I commit to it?”

Will you stop going to places like Forumspecialoffers or Warriorforum and hunt for the latest “make $98.234,59 in the next 5 seconds while getting a hot Thai massage on the beach sipping a Pina Collada and winning ‘America’s Got Talent’ at the same time with nothing but your shoes on” report?

In all seriousness, if you want to be successful with this, you need to put everything else aside. No more magic bullet hunting. No more stuffing your hard disk with $7 ebooks. No more procrastination.

This is something for doers and unfortunately, the majority of people don’t belong to that group.

Do you?

If you are one of the very few that have what it takes, then you have found the program you’ve been looking for all those years, I guarantee you that.


If you spent even just a few months in internet marketing then you know there is a huge pile of crap out there when it comes to training, coaching, guides, courses and what not. It takes a lot of time and energy to dig through everything and find the few golden needles in the gigantic haystack.

John Thornhill’s program is one of those few golden needles and for a limited time, it is presented to you on a silver platter.

No fake scarcity here: John’s program will close public registrations on the 6th of February 2014. If you are too late then you’ll have to wait for at least half a year until he, maybe, re-opens the doors.

While his program is only suited for people who are actually action takers, it is one of the best coaching programs in the internet marketing space.

If you are serious and not just looking for a “method” that stops working with the next Google update but instead want to build a real business that lasts for many years and brings you that passive income you always dreamed about, John’s coaching program is what you’ve been looking for.

If you’ve read this far and are seriously thinking about signing up to “Partnership To Success” the usual happens: Bonus hunting.

And that is perfectly fine because why sign up to something (and be done) when you instead could sign up and reap multiple benefits on top?

You know perfectly well that I’m just one of many affiliates promoting John’s product and now you might be wondering: Who is offering the best bonus?


3. My “Partnership To Success” Bonus

The Bad, The Ugly…

Before talking about my own bonus, I want to talk a bit about what is offered out there.

I’ve already seen some crazy stuff for this launch. There are sites offering tens of thousands of dollars worth in products. However, when you look through the list, the majority of them are being given away illegally!

In fact, what you’ll be getting are cracked and ripped downloads from blackhat marketers. They stole the products of others and are now giving them to you.

It’s the equivalent of saying “Hey, I have downloaded the latest Hobbit movie and will give it to you as a bonus!”

Isn’t that ridiculous?

You could face copyright issues and all sorts of hassle down the line so I really recommend you don’t fall for this evil trap.

Secondly, even if the copyright issues weren’t there, you’d now have 50+ gigabytes of data that would take you a year alone or longer to go through.

You’ll be distracted, facing information overload, not knowing what to apply first. Getting suckered into the old cycle again of trying cool new methods and hunting for magic bullets.

At the same time, John’s coaching is waiting for you.

You’ll never be able to finish his coaching that way!

So do yourself a favor and skip all the other product-focused bonus offerings.

You don’t need more products.

Believe me when I say that everything you need is already in John’s program, period.

Whoever is trying to make you believe otherwise is just a cheap and lazy affiliate trying to make a quick buck on you.

Either by fooling you with sleazy and low-quality private label rights (PLR) products or doing something even more sinister, like making you believe you got great value from hacked and cracked products.

…And Finally, The Good


With that out of the way, here is my bonus.

I really want you to succeed with John’s coaching so I’m not going to bombard you with useless products or clutter your mind and waste your time with more courses, ebooks and videos.

Instead, this is what you get when signing up for “Partnership To Success” through my link:

1. Newbie Hand-Holding: I’ve been doing internet marketing for several years now and have gone through a lot of trial and error.

If you are a seasoned pro, you most likely won’t need my advice anyway but if you’re just getting started and have any questions, I’ll be here for you.

Normally, I charge $197/hr for this kind of consultation.

You’ll be getting all of that for free.

I have a dedicated email set-up for this that I watch at least once a day. Whenever you run into issues or don’t know where to go, just send an email and I’ll be sure to reply within 24 hours.

And it’s going to be a real, detailed and helpful reply, not a one-liner like you’re used to from other people.

2. Website Support: One of the first things you’ll do in the coaching is getting a domain, setting up WordPress on it, configuring it and building a site, creating content and monetizing it through multiple channels.

There acutally are a lot of things that can go wrong during this process. Just tick the wrong box in WordPress and search engines like Google won’t even find your blog.

While John provides plenty of step-by-step setup instructions for your site, I’ll be personally available via email to you for any kind of questions or problems you might encounter.

If you run into a problem or need help, I’ll even personally go to your site and fix it for you.

3. Underground SEO Techniques: Whatever it is that you promote, be it a blog, a product or affiliate site, you always need traffic.

I’ve specialized in SEO and partnered up with several other people that know special methods and tactics that just aren’t shared in public.

Together, we’ve withstood almost every Google update so far. The few times we didn’t, we always figured out a way to get everything working again.

What we’re doing actually works and has done so for many years. When I show you how to get your sites ranked it will make your eyes pop out. This is the kind of knowledge even multi-million dollar companies are using.

And I bet you found my site by using one of the search engines, correct? Maybe it wasn’t this specific blog here…but you stumbled upon other sites, like a Youtube video or similar that would lead you here.

In any case, SEO has been my bread and butter for many years and I can share with you some things that are kept underground, plus keep you up to date with what’s working for any future algorithm change.

4. Done-For-You SEO Campaigns: As if the above wasn’t enough, I’ll even create custom SEO campaigns for you.

My specialty is ranking Youtube videos and there is a lot of money to be made with it.

Instead of going out purchasing random link building gigs, views, likes, comments, subscribers and what have you, just send me your Youtube URL and I’ll make sure to get it ranked within Google and Youtube.

This bonus is limited to the first 100 people purchasing through my link. I have to do this since I’m using my own time and server resources to do the work for you and getting a Youtube video ranked is actually more work than what many people believe.

5. Future Promotions: As mentioned before already, the end goal of “Partnership To Success” is that you have built a product, salesletter, salesfunnel etc…and are then launching it.

Once your product launches, I’ll make sure to create some serious buzz for it via my own lists and multiple SEO-campaigns.

Yes, you’re already backed by John and his affiliates but would you say “no” to an extra $5000 – $10000 in profits?

The answer is probably “no” :)

6. Affiliate Recruitment: During my internet marketing journey I picked up many things and one of the most important ones is to get affiliates.

It might not sound so important to you but trust me, this is one of the biggest factors when it comes to creating true passive income.

As long as you focus on driving traffic yourself, you might make good money but you’ll still be working in your business. However, you should work on your business instead. Let other people do the hard work, sit back and enjoy the profits.

By having an army of affiliates, you’re guaranteed to have at least a dozen or so serious ones that will drive crazy amounts of traffic and revenue, more than you ever could on your own.

I’ll be personally getting affiliates to sign up for your launch and make sure that some big hitters get on board for your product.

If John and his affiliates weren’t already testament to generating successful launches, you’ll now be backed up by another layer of promoters.

With this, your success is guaranteed, period.


7. TIME LIMITED SPECIAL BONUS: Due to Partnership To Success closing soon, I have decided to add a $500 cashback on top of my bonuses above for the next 20 people that purchase through my link.

That’s right, order “Partnership To Success” through my link (see below) and I’ll send you $500 to your Paypal email.

This allows you to get Partnership to success at an incredible discount of $1497 instead of $1997! Act quickly because spots are filling up fast.

Spots remaining: 6

Just scroll down to “How to sign up” and follow all the steps. If in doubt if a spot is still available, just leave a comment below and I’ll reply asap.

Terms: Of course this only applies for the $1997 option, not for any of the other payment plans.


4. How To Sign Up To
“Partnership To Success”

You’re probably wondering “buying instructions, seriously?” but hear me out.

If you don’t follow the steps below someone else might get credit for your purchase. In that case you’ll miss out on my bonuses and have to take whatever it is the other affiliate offers.

Assuming he or she offers something valuable, or anything at all.

1. Before signing up, please clear your browser’s cookies.

Clearing cookies is easy and can be done in any browser, no matter which of the following you’re using.

Tutorial for deleting cookies in Google Chrome
Tutorial for deleting cookies in Mozilla Firefox
Tutorial for deleting cookies in Internet Explorer 11
Tutorial for deleting cookies in Internet Explorer 10
Tutorial for deleting cookies in Internet Explorer 9
Tutorial for deleting cookies in Internet Explorer 8
Tutorial for deleting cookies in Safari

2. Click on this link to sign up: http://partnerwithjohnthornhill.com/access/

3. Email your Clickbank Receipt to the following email address: email

4. I’ll send you a confirmation email as soon as I receive your receipt to lock your spot for my bonuses.

Partnership To Success Bonus Review Picture


5. Frequently Asked Questions

With a product as complex as John’s, and after reading through the above, I’m sure you now have a few questions in your head.

If you can’t find your question here, please send an email to my address email and I’ll make sure to add it below.

Q: Does John Thornhill’s “Partnership To Success” coaching program come with a money back guarantee?
A: Yes. Since his program is sold through Clickbank, you have a full 60 days to ask for your money back. More than enough time to figure out if this is the right product for you or not.

Q: Does this coaching program also work for a complete beginner?
A: Yes, absolutely! John has successfully coached hundreds of people already and knows the various difficulties that people have with learning.

He has figured it out and crafted a learning curve even the most unexperienced beginners can succeed at.


Have anything to share on the above?

Please leave your comments below, thanks!

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